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Power and Flow

A dynamic and quick-paced full-body experience. Creative sequences move one breath, one pose and build up internal body heat.

All levels welcome and encouraged to personalize their own practice.


The Tradition of Modern Yoga

A steady-paced, meditative sequence of standing and seated poses, held for five breaths each.  Great for beginners and for active recovery.


Get Ready to Get Sweaty

An athletic-minded class that combines dynamic yoga flows with high-intensity interval training segments. All HIITS have options to modify or intensify.

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Teaching since 2015, I have had the privilege of leading hundreds of practices with thousands of students across the world. The primary style I teach is vinyasa, and I'm proud to have dedicated students of all body types, ages, and abilities:

  • high school, college, and professional athletes

  • advanced yogis and fellow yoga teachers

  • beginner students

  • prenatal women

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